Erol Bulut

Erol pre-Plymouth Argyle | We must be ready

Erol Bulut gave his thoughts ahead of our Boxing Day clash with Plymouth Argyle at CCS.

"They drew at home 3-3 against Birmingham City on Saturday, and as I've said before, no one game will be easy. Maybe we shall expect a game similar to what we had on Saturday, so we must be ready for this.

"They had a style that they played with their ex-coach - this doesn't go away immediately. For a few games, they will be the same.

"After a few games, with a new coach, then maybe they will change some things. I don't think they will change their style a lot, in my opinion. They will be similar to how they have played before."

Erol Bulut in Cardiff City training

After our victory over Sheffield Wednesday on Saturday, Erol hopes to continue City's winning form over the next few festive matches.

"At the start of the season we were creating a lot, but missing chances. Then we had a good period where we scored in every game. Now we've had a period, over the last four matches, where we couldn't create and we couldn't score.

"Our defensive shape has been ok, but we should be creating and scoring more. I hope that we have had a new start, and the goals, options and possession will come more often."