Give blood, support #TeamImmy & the Welsh Blood Service!

Curtis Nelson took some time out to help a very important cause during the international break.

The Bluebirds defender volunteered to give blood with the Welsh Blood Service as he backed the #TeamImmy initiative.

The campaign was set up in support of Cardiff City staff member Mike Lloyd, his wife Lorna and daughter Imogen, following her diagnosis with bilateral retinoblastoma, a rare form of cancer in both of her eyes.

Due to the nature of Imogen's treatment, she is very likely to need multiple blood transfusions and has already benefited from one such donation.

While the process of donating blood is painless and easy – even during these times – it really does save lives, with Welsh hospitals requiring 350 donations a day to help patients in need.

That’s why we’re calling on as many Bluebirds as possible to follow Curtis’ example and give blood in support of #TeamImmy!

You can book your appointment to give blood with the Welsh Blood Service at:!