City have partnered with the HerGameToo campaign...

HerGameToo | City vs. WBA

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At our match with West Bromwich Albion, Cardiff City Football Club reaffirms our commitment to the HerGameToo campaign.

Founded in May 2021, HerGameToo is a voluntary organisation run by female football fans who are committed to growing the campaign with the aim of fostering an ethos in football in which women are welcomed and respected equally. Sexism is still prominent in the world of football and HerGameToo aims to raise awareness of this and make football a safe and welcoming environment for all.

In March 2022, City partnered with HerGameToo and hosted their first dedicated fixture against Preston North End. Similarly, to that day, Wednesday’s fixture marks our celebration of International Women’s Day, and of our continued support for the HerGameToo campaign, and its values.

Discrimination, in any form, will not be tolerated. To report any discrimination, please contact our dedicated number on 07484070422.

Recently Cardiff City FC Women’s defender Ffion Price was announced as a HerGameToo champion, alongside Welsh international Tom Lockyer.

Speaking about this important role, Ffion said: “It’s great to be a HerGameToo champion because I can help promote and educate those about the female game. I feel proud that I can use my voice and experiences to support others. The initiatives within the female game are brilliant. The opportunities, role models and facilities for young girls are appearing within local areas. It’s great to see that barriers are being knocked down and a safe, welcoming environment for young girls is being provided. The foundations and platforms are being laid for future young girls to enjoy!”

For more updates, please follow @HerGameToo on social media. In addition to this, a new @HGTCymru account was launched on St David’s Day to share Welsh updates!