Chloe McBratney and Emily the guide dog

'More Than a Game' | Cardiff City FC Community Captain

Cardiff City FC Community Foundation proudly announces its participation in the Premier League's 'More Than a Game' campaign, highlighting the positive impact of Premier League funding and Club Community Programmes on communities across the country.

We are delighted to introduce Chloe McBratney our Cardiff City FC Community Captain, recognizing her pivotal role in elevating the profile of our Premier League Primary Stars programme, particularly in Special Educational Needs (SEN) schools.

Premier League Primary Stars uses the appeal of football to inspire children to be active and develop essential skills in more than 19,000 primary schools across England and Wales.

On 21st February, Chloe and Guide Dog Emily sat at the ‘More Than a Game’ panel at Westminster to share their story and will be recognised at the Stoke City match with a Community Captain presentation.

Chloe McBratney and Emily the guide dog

SEN Multi-Sports Coach, Chloe, was born with no sight and later diagnosed with bilateral optic nerve hypoplasia at just 18 months old, a condition that under develops the optic discs and poses significant challenges to vision.

ONH is the underdevelopment of the optic discs. The optic nerve is responsible for sending the message from your eyes to the brain letting you know what you are looking at. Chloe has also been diagnosed with macular hypoplasia, which will gradually take her sight over time.

In 2019, another crucial member joined Chloe's team - Guide Dog Emily. This addition not only enhanced Chloe's daily life but also became an integral part of her journey at the Community Foundation and in our Primary Education programme.

Chloe's impact spans over 12 SEN schools, expanding our Premier League Primary Stars project and providing access to the sensory room at Cardiff City Stadium for enhanced opportunities. Chloe is also a Governor at The Court Special School in Cardiff, amplifying the influence of our Primary Education project, making her a role model for the children she works with.

The Stoke fixture also highlights the 'Unite for Access' campaign by Level Playing Field, an annual event that acknowledges good access and inclusion at sports venues. Chloe's story perfectly captures the spirit of this initiative and 'More Than a Game,' emphasizing the importance of accessibility and inclusivity in Cardiff City FC Communities.

Chloe's commitment to diversity widens access to exercise, sport, and football for children in South Wales, aligning with the Community Foundation's dedication to changing lives and transforming communities.

The 'More Than A Game' campaign, visible at all Premier League matches between February 17th and 26th, will showcase how Premier League investment positively impacts lives across all levels of football.