The Bluebirds will be on Nathaniel MG Cup...

Nathaniel MG Cup First Round Draw | Cambrian & Clydach vs. City

Club News
Cardiff City will travel to Cambrian & Clydach Vale in the Nathaniel MG Cup First Round.

The Bluebirds, alongside Swansea City, are the two wildcard entries for this season's cup.

City were also given a wildcard entry in 2020/21, defeating Taff's Well, 2-0, in the opening round, but the tournament was sadly postponed, due to COVID 19.

Fixtures in this round will be played over the weekend of July 21/22. Further details to follow in due course.

Speaking about the involvement in the MG Nathaniel Cup, Academy Manager, Gavin Chesterfield, said: “Ultimately, what we look at across the board in the Academy is the variety of playing experiences we can provide. This competition offers another type of enrichment to the players. It will be playing against senior teams in Welsh league grounds. We see this as a great opportunity to challenge our players in a different way. We are looking forward to going out there and meeting some new friends along the way.”

Gavin added, discussing the summer months: “It’s been fantastic. We’ve developed a lot of new things, including a new talent strategy and a new game model of how we want to play. We’ve welcomed some new faces behind the scenes to help our players and we’re moving facilities very soon. It’s extremely busy, but all of this is extremely exciting stuff.”