Dylan Lawlor operates a camera, as Tanatswa Nyakuhwa interviews Nat Phillips

U18 Scholars gain Matchday Work Experience

Our U18 scholars gained invaluable work experience at last week’s win over Huddersfield Town at Cardiff City Stadium.

The aims of the work experience programme are to continue the players’ development through a taste of a First Team matchday, improving their humility, communication skills and self-confidence.

The U18 scholars immersed themselves in different roles across the stadium, giving them an insight into the running of the Club on matchday.

Players gained experience across the Commercial, Communications, TV & Video, Ticketing, Retail, ground staff, security/control room and Fan Engagement departments.

Dylan Lawlor operates a camera

Centre-back Dylan Lawlor, who spent matchday in the TV & Video department, commented: "I found it really beneficial to see what goes on behind the scenes to allow the matches to go on and take place. It was very different to my normal matchday! Getting to involved as well rather than just seeing it, there were different experiences that will help in the future.

"Speaking for the boys, everyone really enjoyed it. After doing it, I think all the boys really appreciate what goes on and we've been able to build relationships with more people at the Club."

Dan Barton on the ticket office

Academy Manager, Gavin Chesterfield, said: "Led by our Head of Education, Oli Linton, the idea is that the boys get to sample a day in the life of the staff. We felt it was important because humility is one of our key values at the Academy. Getting to know the other aspects of the Club that maybe they were a little bit blind to, that was one of the key drivers, but also, we want to build an appreciation for the work of countless people across the Club in order to allow football to occur. 

"There are huge benefits for the lads in terms of understanding the Club more, building more relationships across the Club. From the players' perspective, it's also about understanding they are privileged and they should never take football for granted. The boys have definitely got a lot from it."

Cole Fleming and Joe Thomas in the club shop

Oli Linton, Head of Education at the Club, added: “The work experience event at Cardiff City FC stadium aims to provide scholars with a comprehensive understanding of the inner workings of a football club. Scholars are immersed in the working environment of Cardiff City FC, allowing them to observe and experience the dynamics of a professional football club first hand.

“By shadowing staff members during a game day, scholars learn about the specific responsibilities and expectations placed on employees during crucial moments, providing valuable insights into professional conduct and performance expectations.

“The event provides an opportunity for scholars to interact with a diverse range of individuals within the Club, including players, coaches, administrative staff, and support personnel. Through these interactions, scholars can develop and refine their communication skills, essential for success in any professional setting.

“By witnessing the dedication and hard work of individuals behind the scenes, scholars will develop a deeper appreciation for the collective effort required to ensure the smooth functioning of a football club. This experience will foster humility and gratitude among scholars, acknowledging the contributions of all staff members, regardless of their roles.”

Josh Beecher works with security
Luke Armstrong and Louis Phillips work with fan engagement
Luey Giles on commentary