Steve Morison on the touchline at CCS...

U23 match reaction | Morison post-Sheffield United



U23 coach Steve Morison spoke to Cardiff City TV after a fourth straight victory in the Professional Development League, defeating Sheffield United.

"It was excellent," Steve began. "If you don't concede goals, with the front three we've got at the minute - firing as they are, then you've got a really good chance. It is a clean sheet and two really good goals.

"I think we could've had more if I'm being honest. We kept a clean sheet and we limited them to a couple of moments in the box. But I do think we could've been better in the final third.

"It's all about development. I've said it and I'll keep saying it - winning helps the development. Everyone comes in every day with a smile on their face. That's exactly how you want it to be and the performance was very good."


He continued: "It's a real team effort. It's something we've really focussed on this year being back in the training ground -  and having a dressing room. The lads are buzzing. Four in four.

"They want to win and play for each other. I think what has helped is that the Gaffer has been so good with us. And TC as well. They involve us all the time and involved the players, so they feel like they're wanted.

"They know if they do well out there, when the opportunities open up with the First Team, the Gaffer will put them in.

"Last week, Kieron Evans plays for me on the Friday, scores two goals. I have to wake him up on the Saturday morning to get him in to travel, and he makes his debut on the Sunday, and then makes another appearance against Coventry.

"The proof is in the pudding. We're doing our work and the manager sees it and is a part of it.

"It all goes hand in hand. So, it is excellent."