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Whitts' Memorial Match | Fan images needed for the Tribute Programme

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We're in the process of compiling the tribute programme for this month's Memorial Match for Whitts, and we'd like to give City fans a chance to be involved.

We're hoping supporters, many of whom will have met Peter over the years and had photos with the great man, would be willing to share their images with us, for inclusion within the pages of the tribute programme.

If you have a cherished picture with Whitts, and would like us to include it, please email us at:

Thank you, Bluebirds!

The game will formally mark the launch of the PW7 Foundation, established in Peter’s memory...

You can pre-order your copy of this tribute programme by clicking here. All proceeds go to the PW7 Foundation.

We’d like to take this moment to thank McLays, our programme designer Issy Butcher, and all of our programme contributors for their support in helping put together such a touching tribute to Whitts, which we are proud to share with you all.