Fan Advisory Board

Cardiff City’s Fan Advisory Board (FAB) is an independent body for in-depth discussion with the Club’s hierarchy including Executive Club Staff and the Club’s Board of Directors.

The FAB was originally meant to comprise of nine individuals fan representatives, including three directly elected by Cardiff City FC’s Season Ticket and Club Member fanbase. Due to the outstanding applications from the fan base and with a view to get a wider range of fan engagement, this has now been increased to five, that you can directly elect.

In February 2024, five directly elected fans - including three Season Ticket Holders/Club Members, one female and one under 25 representative - were elected to the five unreserved seats.

Six statutory supporter representatives sit on the FAB, including two members of Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust (CCST); two members of Cardiff City Supporters’ Club (CCSC); one member of Cardiff City Disabled Supporters’ Association (CCDSA) and one corporate member, sponsor or stakeholder (from a shortlist presented by the Head of Commercial) selected by the Nominated Board Level Representative (NBLR).

Meetings will be co-chaired by Club Director Steve Borley, Cardiff City’s NBLR, and one of our elected supporter representatives. Cardiff City FC’s Supporters Liaison Officer (SLO) will serve as Secretary of the FAB.

Nine senior Club representatives will sit on the FAB, including Executive Director & CEO, Ken Choo and Community Foundation Director, Gavin Hawkey.

Discussions will focus on short, medium and long-term Club strategy and will give supporters a voice and understanding on some decision-making that will directly affect them. 

The first meeting took place on Tuesday, February 6th, 2024, with minutes available here.

The second meeting took place on Tuesday, May 7th, 2024, with minutes available here.

Supporters can contact the Fan Representatives by email at: