Cardiff City supporters

Terms of Reference

To download a PDF version of the Terms of Reference for our Fan Advisory Board, please click here.


Throughout these terms of reference

  1. References to CCFC is a reference to Cardiff City Football Club limited.
  2. References to FAB is a reference to the Fan Advisory Board.

The Fan Advisory Board ('FAB') is an independent body for in-depth consultation with Cardiff City FC hierarchy, including members of the Board. Discussions will focus on long-term strategic issues.


Under this Terms of Reference, the FAB will operate independently to be consulted about:

  • Competition matters
  • Enhancing the fan experience
  • Stadium development and projects
  • Sustainability and corporate and social responsibility initiatives
  • Improving fan products and services
  • Football governance
  • History and Heritage
CCFC’s plan for broader supporter engagement

It is recognised that to fulfil the above, the FAB will also have to work within the Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) between CCFC and the FAB ( Which will be dated and signed when agreed with all parties)

For the avoidance of doubt, in the event of a conflict between these Terms of Reference and the MOU, the terms of the MOU shall take precedence.

Membership of supporter representatives

The FAB will comprise of eleven members, each over the age of 18, who represent the diversity of the fanbase; none of whom receive any payment, benefit or preferential treatment from CCFC.

The positions on the FAB will be a combination of six reserved places for organisations as well as five positions for elected Cardiff City fans, who may apply through meeting specific criteria. The composition is:

  • 1 x CCFC Disabled Supporters’ Association representative (reserved position).
  • 2 x CCFC Supporters Trust board representatives (reserved positions).
  • 2 x CCFC Supporters’ Club Committee representatives (reserved positions).
  • 1 x CCFC Corporate member, sponsor, or stakeholder (reserved position).
  • 1 x CCFC Season Ticket holder or Member aged 18-24 (Elected by CCFC season ticket holders/members)
  • 1 x CCFC Female Season Ticket holder or Member (Elected by CCFC season ticket holders/members)
  • 3 x CCFC Season Ticket holder or Member with no further eligibility requirements, (Elected by CCFC season ticket holders/members)

These positions are fixed, and no alternates will attend.

Periods of office will be decided at the first FAB meeting following elections.

The FAB may create sub-committees to deal with specific areas, but these will be directly responsible to the FAB, who will have the final approval on any matter discussed by a sub-committee.

Additionally, the FAB may also co-opt temporary advisors/consultants as deemed necessary to provide expert advice on any topic that may arise. These advisors/consultants will have no voting rights within the FAB. The instruction of and sharing of any information with such advisors / consultants shall be subject to the terms of the confidentiality agreements entered into between the Club and each member of the FAB from time to time.

Selection, Term and Recruitment
Reserved positions

Each member organisation holding reserved positions on the FAB will be responsible for identifying their chosen representative by means of a transparent and democratic process, which will be managed by the organisation itself. We do not accept deputies for these members.

Non-reserved positions

Cardiff City fans are able to apply providing they meet the eligibility criteria for the role. Once the application window closes, nominations will be reviewed by a shortlisting election panel. Then a verified election will be held to identify the elected members.


The officers of the supporters representatives of the FAB will be Chairperson, to co-chair with the CCFC nominated Board Level Representative (NBLR) and a  Vice-Chair They will be elected at the first FAB meeting following an election and the management of this process will be adjudicated by a member of the FAB who is not seeking election as an officer.

FAB meetings without Club attendance

The Supporters representatives of the FAB may meet independently, All meeting minutes will be made available to the wider fanbase once approved at the subsequent FAB meeting. The frequency of these meetings will be decided by the supporter representees.

Club attendance at FAB meetings

Additionally, the FAB will meet with CCFC, including at least one board member on at least a quarterly basis.

For each meeting, a minimum of ten working days’ notice will be given to all members. The FAB will provide the agenda to CCFC at least five working days prior to the meeting, with AOB no later than twenty-four hours prior. A jointly agreed record of discussions ratified by the FAB and CCFC, will be made available within seven working days of each meeting.

Code of conduct

All FAB members will be required to comply with a Code of Conduct to ensure behaviour is respectful at all meetings. The FAB may suspend or expel any member whose conduct renders them unfit for membership in the opinion of the FAB. No member may be suspended or expelled without first being given the opportunity to make representations in writing to the FAB.

Confidentiality Policy

All Supporter representatives of the FAB will be required to read, comply with, and sign the confidentiality policy.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

In order to recognise the commitment from the FAB and CCFC, all parties will sign a Memorandum of Understanding to ensure the frequency of meetings, CCFC’s attendance and the sensitivities of confidential information can be maintained. The content of such Memorandum of Understanding may be reviewed by the parties in accordance with the terms of such document.


All FAB members have the right to vote at all meetings on a ‘one member, one vote’ basis. In the event of a split vote, the NBLR will have the casting vote.

To ensure the FAB runs effectively, members are required to attend a minimum of 75% of meetings annually unless there are extenuating circumstances; failure to do so could result in the removal of the member from the FAB.


FAB members representing organisations with reserved positions are required to ensure regular dialogue is maintained with that organisation’s membership so that any issues, successes, or areas for improvement can be raised in advance of FAB meetings. Furthermore, representatives are required to disseminate information from the FAB’s monthly meetings.

Additionally, the FAB may decide to hold an annual conference to engage with the fanbase. The FAB will manage social media accounts independently as a means of communicating with the fanbase.


The FAB will create a complaints procedure, published separately from this Terms of Reference. This policy sets out the process by which the FAB should investigate complaints or charges that a member may, directly or indirectly, have breached the terms of the FAB Code of Conduct that they have signed up to as a condition of their membership.


The FAB will carry out a formal review of the Terms of Reference on an annual basis and any amendments must be ratified at a FAB meeting.