Warnock: "It will be a great atmosphere tonight!"

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Ahead of Cardiff City’s home match with Leeds United, Neil Warnock spoke to preview the top-of-the-table clash.

“You’ll enjoy my programme notes this evening as I compare it to something – I won’t tell you what it is as it’s a surprise,” Neil began.

“I went somewhere last week and it brought it back to me, why I’m still in the game at my age – it’s the enjoyment you get.

“Leeds are doing really well. They have spent quite a bit of money, on wages et cetera, but they’ve had a go. They’re a great club with good fans.

“It’s two big clubs really. When you look at it we’re one-club cities. When I go in the supermarket down here, everybody wants to talk, and Leeds was exactly the same.”

With over 26,000 tickets now sold, the Gaffer looked ahead to a special evening at Cardiff City Stadium.

“It will be a great atmosphere tonight,” he added. “I’m glad it’s on telly as well, as it gives everybody the chance to see how far we’ve come. That applies for both teams, as I don’t think either of us were really tipped to be up there at the start of the season.”

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