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Cardiff City FC is pleased to announce a new partnership with leading Welsh company, CryoAction.

CryoAction is a specialist provider of whole-body cryotherapy equipment to elite sports persons and has recently installed a state-of-the-art Cryotherapy chamber at Cardiff City FC’s Vale Pavilion Training Centre.

In the modern game, Premier League players train and perform at new levels of intensity over consecutive days. Fatigue increases cumulatively across these periods and can progressively impact performance and increase the risk of injury.  

As a result, more and more medical and performance teams are turning to Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) in order to minimise the impact of fatigue and reduce the risk of soft-tissue injury.


WBC is an intensive cold treatment which places the players in a purpose-built chamber with the air inside being cooled by liquid nitrogen gas. The chamber consists of an antechamber, cooled to -60°C and a main chamber, cooled to temperatures as low as -160°C. Treating up to five at a time, the players enter the antechamber, allowing them to adjust for a period of one minute, before entering the main chamber for a three-minute treatment.

CryoAction provide cryotherapy chambers to a number of Premier League clubs, as well as international squads, including the FAW. Away from sports, the company provides similar units of varying sizes to gyms, spas, hotels and medical clinics, all of which want to incorporate the cold technology for their customer base.

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Speaking of the new partnership, CryoAction Director, David Morris said: “CryoAction is delighted to be working with Cardiff City, providing the players with the latest recovery technology in the form of whole body cryotherapy.

“We are always keen to work with Welsh organisations and are extremely happy to have installed a 3-4 person transportable unit at the Bluebirds’ training centre. It’s pretty cold in there, but it’s manageable for three minutes.

“Once the players walk out of that cold chamber, the feeling of cold is forgotten and the reasons for going in in the first place are clearly evident. They feel refreshed, fatigue free, any swelling is reduced, and they frequently report their sleep patterns are improved significantly.”

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Cardiff City FC Head of Fitness & Conditioning, Lee Southernwood (pictured above) added: “We are delighted that we have been able to invest in the installation of a cryotherapy unit at the training ground.

“Whole body cryotherapy has quickly become an integral part of our recovery and preparation culture. The feedback from players has been extremely positive, with many reporting increases in energy levels, reduced soreness and improved sleep.

“We are extremely grateful to CryoAction for the quality of their installation, training and aftercare service”

Cardiff City midfielder and Iceland captain, Aron Gunnarsson, added: “I definitely think that the chamber is valuable to us during recovery. Yes, it’s very cold in there, but the benefits are great. I think it has more valuable than the traditional ice bath recovery sessions and I’m pleased we have the facility here at Cardiff City FC.”

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