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City stalwart demands bravery and desire ahead of the weekend

Caretaker Manager Scott Young rued an abject first-half showing from the Bluebirds on Tuesday evening, with the game having been settled in the visitors’ favour before the break.


“As long as I’m in charge of this Football Club, we will follow its core values - of working hard on this football pitch” said a passionate Scott in his post-match media conference.


“We can’t go starting games with only eight or nine players at it from the off like we did today, and that’s why we needed to make the changes and bring people off. We were 3-0 down at the time and we needed to be brave and make those changes.


“We didn’t start well as a group, that’s for certain. But you can’t carry individuals in any team at any level of football. We need to make brave decisions as football managers and I think that’s what we did.


“At half-time there were a few choice words from me, obviously, but it wasn’t acceptable for this Football Club. If you wear that shirt you need to work hard and wear it with pride. The minimum requirement is to work hard and have the will to do it.


"I can guarantee that that team was as well-prepared as it’s been in a long, long time, but they need to take some ownership at times as well. Any team in the world can be organised and do everything right before kick-off, but it you don’t want to do it out there, you’re not going to get results. This Club is built on having the passion to do it.


“Players need to be brave and get on the ball and play football, that’s what they’re paid to do. You need to show some bottle, and it’s hard when you’re low on confidence and not winning games, but you’ve got to get through it.


“There’s no concern that we might be off the pace from the other clubs in the Championship on the back of tonight's game. We made six or seven changes from the weekend, many of them out of necessity, and players have come in and been given an opportunity tonight. We just have to work hard ahead of Saturday, and I think we’ll be more than a match for Sheffield Wednesday.


"When situations go wrong you have to try to rectify them, and that’s what we’ll be working on at the training ground this week.”


There was a pleasant surprise ahead of the match when Scott’s fellow caretaker-boss Danny Gabbidon was named in the starting line-up. Scott had some words of admiration for his colleague.


“Danny was never going to come off. In truth he only had about 60 minutes in him tonight, because he hasn’t played for so long. However, if you have the right attitude like Danny has, he wanted to stay out there, and fight for the team.”


“We were put in charge for Saturday, we were put in charge for tonight, and I’m sure there’ll be conversations with regards to that over the next 24 hours again.


“I’m honest enough to say that the only conversation I’ve had is to take charge of the team tonight. I’m sure we’ll have conversations tomorrow regarding the next couple of days and then Saturday, that’s all I know.”