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Academy Recruitment

Please find below a list of Frequently Asked Questions relating to Recruitment at Cardiff City FC's Academy:

How does recruitment work at Cardiff City Football Club's Academy?

The Academy has a network of scouts dedicated to the Club on a local and national basis. They regularly watch games and identify players from Under-7s to Under-18s.

When a scout highlights a prospective player to the Recruitment Department, it is then taken through an expansive process to see whether there is potential for the recommendation to proceed.

Do you run open trials and how do I get a trial?

We do not run open trials. We are continually observing players at their local clubs before inviting them for a training period.

If you wish to forward a playing CV to the Academy, please include a fixture list with kick-off times and venues for your team.

In addition to the fixture information, we will need to know about your football background, including information such as date of birth, playing position, clubs previously played for and any representative achievements.

Please supply any letters of reference and/or recommendation which will help support an application.

It must be noted that emails should always come from the player's parents or guardians when sending in details, as we will only communicate with parents & guardians of any players who are minors.

For all Academy Recruitment queries, please email academy.recruitment@cardiffcityfc.co.uk

Please note that we are only able to trial players in accordance with the Regulations set by the Home Office, FIFA, FAW, The FA & EFL.

How do I know if a scout has been to watch me?

You will only know if we have been at the game when we make contact via your current club – we will always approach your coach/manager, club secretary or club official before contacting a player’s parents.

I keep contacting clubs, but never seem to get invited for trials. What can I do to get scouted?

Football is a competitive profession in which to ‘make it’ and there is a huge number of players that wish to be seen.

Some people are noticed early on, and others develop later.  Keep working hard, emailing clubs at a variety of different levels.

The higher the level you are currently playing at, the more likely you are to be noticed, and so even if you do not get a trial at Cardiff City Football Club, look to move up the leagues at whatever level you can.

Do not lose heart, and however far you get, do it for the enjoyment of the game; professional recognition is of course a bonus, but a love of the game will give you satisfaction whatever the outcome!

For all Academy Recruitment queries, please email academy.recruitment@cardiffcityfc.co.uk

Please note that we get hundreds of trial applications each week, so are not able to respond to all emails.